What is a chinese medicine consultation?

chinese medicine consultation

TCM treats the origin of your troubles

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) looks for the origin of your troubles. In a Chinese medicine consultation, the practitioner does not focus on disease or symptoms. He simply observes the imbalances in the complete body, mind and spirit. The treatments aims to rebalance energy and bring back health by natural techniques. Those TCM techniques are: acupuncture, massage, herbal remedies, diet…. TCM can treat any kind of troubles without generating any side effects.

  • Global vision of the patient

  • Vanishing of the symptoms

  • Absence of side effect

A first consultation of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) takes place in 2 main times. First of all the practitioner does a complete diagnosis according to Chinese Medicine principles. In a second time he/she proceeds to treatment through one or a combination of several methods (acupuncture, massage, herbal remedies…).

  • Diagnosis

  • Treatment

In a Chinese medicine consultation, the practitioner assesses your situation in its entire context, even if you come with a specific complaint. To do this he uses a set of diagnostic principles such as:

  • observation: complexion, demeanor, movement, voice, bodily sounds…
  • interrogation:  family & living environment, eating habits, digestion, sleeping…
  • palpation & chinese pulse

Throughout this investigation the practitioner identifies imbalances in your complete energy system. These imbalances manifest by patterns of disharmony (cold/hot, excess/deficiency…).

Once the TCM practitioner has made a diagnosis, he chooses a strategy to bring back harmony. When harmony is back, the disorders and troubles vanish automatically. In simple words, the TCM practitioner seeks to remove what is excessive and to replenish what is deficient.

The TCM practitioner focuses on the patient, not on the disease. As a result, the treatment is personalized. He uses a combination of several methods: acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine… When necessary the treatment will include as well patient’s education and lifestyle counseling.

Some treatment cases

Each patient is unique as well as his response to treatment

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