As holistic medicine, Chinese medicine considers many factors of patient’s life such as: diet, life hygiene, emotional state… as these factors have a direct impact on health. Doctors online is a new service of consultation by skype offered by Essence of health. It is designed for local patients, traveler patients, friends around the world or people who simply need an alternative advice. Most of our patients are happy to receive information during their consultation. Doctors online offers now the possibility to any people to get medical advice about:

  • Medical orientation
  • Life hygiene
  • Diet follow-up
  • Psychological support
  • Life coaching

Many people hesitate to consult when they feel an abnormal state (bad sleep – recurrent headache – back pain – mood instability…). Waiting does not help, and can lead to a real pathology. By a prediagnostic we investigate with the “patient” to look for the origin of the trouble. We then guide the patient to the best method for a self-healing.Sometimes we orient him to an appropriate treatment or health practitioner.We observe an increasing number of people suffering from anxiety. By calling Doctors on-line people have a powerful place to express themseles and be reassured anytime they need it. Because releasing our anxiety is already the beginning of healing.

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  • Prepay the amount chosen (20 $ by half-hour) by paypal on the address received by mail

  • Be ready with the webcam and call the skype logo here (tcmdoconline)

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