Mariéva Gruffat, a newly certified but already expert osteopath, has just moved to Phnom Penh where she provides care at Essence of health.

Mariéva Gruffat grew up in an environment centered on the respect for human being and its interaction with nature. She learns very early to watch and listen with her mother, horticulture teacher. With her father, director of a cooperative of organic products, she develops her feelings of life energies.

Growing up, “helping people” becomes more and more evident to Mariéva. She therefore chooses to pass a baccalauréat in social sector, which she completes with a training in psychology. She understands the influence of emotions on behavior, posture, and sometimes even pain. She then looks for a model of care that connects body and mind.

Holistic medicines seem to her the most appropriate because it respects the integrity of the patient by the use of natural methods. She therefore chooses osteopathy, therapy that allows her to use her hands already full of life energy. When she was a little girl, her mother already used to tell her that she had fairy fingers.

Training at the Andrew Taylor Still Academy in Lyon

It is in Lyon (France) that Marius Gruffat studies at an osteopathic school, the Andrew Taylor Still Academy, where the emphasis is on the humanistic aspect of osteopathy and an individual follow-up of students. A great adventure then begins for her! She learns from the first year to develop the sensitivity of her hands by listening and touch. Little by little she becomes familiar with the various theories of human being and the cosmos.

She perfects her techniques and begins various clinical experiments both internally and outside the school. For example, she takes part in sports events with physiotherapists; she also follows for several months a class of the Conservatory of Music of Lyon, within a team of several osteopaths.

The passion for her job takes her to Senegal for a humanitarian mission where she meets other osteopaths, who let her discover other techniques that broaden her field of action.

Team working

Today, at age 26, she chooses to continue her journey in Cambodia. “The practice of osteopathy in Cambodia is for me a way to combine my passion and the discovery of other cultures” explains Mariéva who likes to combine travel and work.

“As a student of osteopathy, I had a project to work as a team,” explains Mariéva, who today sees this project come to fruition with the collaboration within Essence of health. There are many similarities between Chinese medicine and osteopathy. Both are holistic therapies aimed at restoring balance and restoring the body’s self-healing and full health capacity.

The integration of Mariéva allows Essence of health to supplement its holistic healthcare offer in Phnom Penh by adding osteopathy. Certain types of pathology can now be treated in coordination for the greatest benefit of the patient.

Mariéva Gruffat – Tel. 0 969 859 769 or 0 889 235 306 – Email

By appointment. A first consultation lasts about 45 minutes (cost: 45 usd).

What is osteopathy ?

Osteopathy is a therapeutic approach that helps the body regain its adaptability and full mobility by working on tissues (muscles, tendons, bones, ligaments, arteries …) whose balance has been disturbed by accidents, physical or psychological trauma.

The scope of osteopathy is very wide. It can treat both lumbar, cervical and sciatic pain. But also digestive disorders like chronic constipation; sleep disturbances, anxiety, migraines or sinusitis. And many others….

In the sportsman, the musician or the singer a regular follow-up helps to prevent the appearance of wounds and to relieve certain pains. Osteopathy is particularly interesting for the treatment of women during pregnancy, after childbirth, and for their infants.

Different techniques can be used according to the differentiated needs of each one “I always favor a treatment in the listening of the patient and in tissue techniques or more commonly called soft techniques without cracking” explains Mariéva Gruffat.

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