Dear patients,

We are pleased to present the new face of our site. We transferred it to an interactive environment. Indeed, more and more of you are using Internet techniques that are by definition fast.

In addition, we were faced with more and more patients from all over the world with increasingly high health challenges. To accommodate them under better conditions, we extended the treatment part of our clinic last December.

Then we transformed our site with interactive features. In this new version, we present two interactive tools: the site and the blog. The website, our showcase, presents the firm’s activities, seminars as well as virtual tools (videos, online conferences) useful for the development of your health.

In connection with the site, you will discover the blog which will present articles related to the Taoist environment (Chinese medicine, Taiji quan, Qi gong, etc.) and health in its broad sense (diet, sexuality, spirituality …). We will integrate more and more informative and educational videos as support for the development of your health.

We look forward to bringing our knowledge and experience of nearly 15 years to the service of a new consciousness which consists in developing a “health” vision and not a “disease” vision. More and more of you are becoming responsible for your health.

We hope that our new services will provide you with effective support in your health research.

We wish you prosperous and healthy days.

Brigitte & Dominique

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