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Holistic healing

Chinese medicine is an ancient and powerful medicine, based on natural treatments. At essence of health we propose treatments by Chinese medicine. The first consultation includes a diagnosis and a treatments by acupuncture, massages, and/or herbal remedies and other techniques. After a diagnostic each patient receives a customized treatment required by its state. In a holistic approach, we also provide classes to help our patients to learn how to keep health.

What people say about us…

It’s the Cure de Camaret here!! […] It was really good to meet you and thank you so much for your excellent hospitality. I really enjoyed that short but entertaining lunch in Hoi An.  You will be pleased to learn that I did go on to meet up with Nicolas Dupaux in Ho Chi Minh and between you both my shoulder problem is cured – he diagnosed a very old “frozen shoulder”. […] We are so pleased to have met you and once again many thanks for your help, your advice and the warmth of your welcome, we will always remember it, on this our epic round the world voyage. 

John W. (England)

De passage à Hoi An l’été dernier pour des vacances j’ai eu l’occasion d’aller chez Brigitte et Dominique pour des séances d’acupuncture et de massage. J’ai bénéficié de leur part d’une écoute très attentive et de soins généreux. Ils prennent tout le temps qu’il faut afin de bien cerner les besoins de leurs patients, et n’hésitent pas à travailler tous les deux en équipe afin d’optimiser les soins.
Je suis arrivée à Hoi An très fatiguée et avec un trouble du sommeil, et après quelques séances d’acupuncture j’ai retrouvé mon sommeil. 
Je suis rentrée de vacances pleine d’élan.

Françoise C. (Paris, France)

Both Bridgette and Dominique are caring and intuitive healers. Their ability to diagnose rhythms and energy blocks within the system are astounding, my sessions with them were incredibly powerful and transforming.


Oksana S. (Sydney, Australia)

To whomever visits Hoi An and gets run over by a kid on a bicycle. In March of this year, this happened to me. I am 62 years old and suffered contusions cuts and severe bruising. In severe pain and hobbling, I made my way to the offices/residence of Brigitte and Dom. They immediately dressed my wounds and administered acupuncture for the pain, which was considerable. They then set up appointments for follow-up visits and invited me to attend tai-chi and other classes during the remainder of my stay, during which they administered all of my health needs. I would recommend a visit to these folks, by anyone visiting Hoi An.

Rick C. (Miami, USA)

Cet été je suis passée chez vous pour un rendez-vous d’acupunture. Un ami m’avait donné votre adresse. Je viendrai à Hoi An pour une semaine et je voudrais vous avoir quelques rendez-vous pour continuer l’acupuncture que je viens de suivre ici.
Cet été vous m’avez fait renaitre. C’était fantastique.
Amicalement, Eva.

Eva van S. (Alkmaar - Nederlands)

Je connais Brigitte depuis plus de 20 ans. Depuis sa rencontre avec Dominique, je l’ai vu se passionner pour la médecine chinoise et bien d’autres sujets. Aujourd’hui c’est une femme épanouie, rayonnante. Aussi, lors de notre visite en famille sur le site magnifique de Hoi An au Vietnam et après des retrouvailles chaleureuses, je me suis laisser aller à une séance d’acupuncture, doublée d’un massage car mon énergie était à zéro après le décès de mon père. Le résultat fut fulgurant  et étonnant aussi pour la novice que je suis. Essayez, vous verrez, vous êtes entre de bonnes mains.

Fabienne P. (Les Loges-en-Josas, France)

Début 2010, j’ai été victime d’une inflammation d’un nerf oculomoteur. Cette inflammation produit un effet pour le moins ennuyeux puisque la pupille de l’œil infecté double de volume. Résultat, incapacité à lire, à reconnaître sa compagne, en bref un cauchemar pour un jeune informaticien de 35 ans.

A l’hôpital, les toubibs n’ont pas su soigner mon problème malgré l’usage de tous les appareillages dont ils disposaient (scanner, IRM, etc.) ainsi qu’une ponction lombaire. Bref, je suis sorti de là avec un diagnostic mais sans aucun soin.

J’étais désemparé, incapable de bosser. Comme un con, avec ma maladie sans solution… Je me suis alors tourné vers « le grand black avec la chaussure blonde » et j’ai essayé l’acupuncture.

Au début ça fait bizarre, mais au bout de quelques jours on s’y fait même si ça fait un peu mal de temps en temps, surtout dans les pommettes ! Bref, j’ai mis deux mois à sortir de cette maladie de merde et il est fort probable que l’acupuncture ait joué un rôle très favorable dans cette guérison, mon état s’est amélioré jusqu’au complet rétablissement tout au long des séances de Dominique. Je vous encourage donc vivement à consulter nos amis les magiciens de la piqûre.

Eric G. (Danang, Vietnam)

This place was great.

My girlfriend and i visited essence of health on one of the last days of a month in south east Asia. We had had a lovely time but needed some revival and energy boost before going home.

Dominique who did the massage and acupuncture for us was a very warm and welcoming person as was his partner Brigitte. Immediately we both felt very comfortable. Dominique is well trained and experienced and found him to really engage and “listen” to who we were. You can get a lot of massage in Asia where people are running through a routine. This is nice but not always penetrating to a deeper level. Essence of health really provided that extra insight.
Felt amazing afterwards. Totally recharged. So if you are looking for some healing this a great place to go.
The centre is just off the main road but has a not too obvious turn off. If you get lost just ask around a bit. Well worth making the effort.  (Tripadvisor)

Leiff T. (Sydney - Australia)

Visiting Dominique and Brigitte will be the best thing you do in Hoi An. If you have an ailment or injury or just want a tune up, head over for a massage or acupuncture from these lovely, gifted people. I highly recommend it! (Tripadvisor)

Laura S. (Perth - Australia)

This is a amazing healing energy house, with the owner having very good healing power . Certainly not a place to miss for a tune up to ones health. (Tripadvisor)

Dorrie L. (Adelaïde - Australia)

I met Brigitte and Dominique during a workshop in Ho Chi Minh city. Actually the Life coach I was seeing in Ho Chi Minh city recommended them and I’m very happy I had the chance to meet them. I RE-discovered Qi Qong with them, and Dominique shown a very well understanding of it. This was impressive, and very different from what I’ve seen or tried before. I did not have the opportunity to try the many disciplines they offer or receiving a treatment, but I heard from friends that the acupuncture treatment is very efficient! (Tripadvisor)

Thibaud (Paris - France)

Frequently asked questions

How much does a consultation cost2018-09-02T10:36:07+00:00

To know what is your a health disorder or your sickness; to confirm or invalidate a other diagnosis, you will pay only 17 $

Is it normal to have reactions after a treatment?2017-07-09T04:59:43+00:00

Yes, it is commun to have overreaction or extreme tiredness after a treatment. It normally vanishes and comes back to normal after one day. Anyway if you have any question or worry, the best is to contact us.

May I consult without being sick?2017-07-09T05:01:39+00:00

Of course! This is the first purpose of Chinese medicine: keep you healthy. By its nature, Chinese medicine can detect imbalances before they become what occidental medicine calls disease. So there is always some rebalancing to do in the healthier person. By regularly consult your Chinese doctor, you will increase your immunity and avoid to get sick.

Is acupuncture painful?2017-07-09T05:02:43+00:00

The needles used in acupuncture are so thin that some patients barely feel them enter the skin. The pain some patients may feel is not related to the needle but is related to the state and the localisation of the acupuncture point. Anyway the pain usually vanishes once the needle is in place.

What is the difference between acupuncture & Chinese medicine2017-07-09T05:03:50+00:00

Traditional chinese medicine is a complete healing system including its own specific diagnosis and its treatments methods. Acupuncture is one of these methods among others: herbal remedies, tui na (therapeutic) massage, dietary therapy, qi gong…

How many acupuncture sessions do I need to recover?2017-07-09T05:05:12+00:00

Each case is unique. To understand better how it works there are some general rules:

  1. The longer you have the disorder, the longer it takes to cure. So an acute trouble can be solved in one to 3 sessions when a chronic disease may require treatments once or twice a week for several months to get desired results.
  2. Each people is unique and responds to treatment its own way. The results will depend as well on the patient’s commitment to make the necessary adjustments in its life habits in parallel with treatment.

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Health check - 17 $
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