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treatments by chinese medicine techniques

Treatments techniques

A large range of methods: acupuncture, tuina, herbal remedies


Acupuncture is the most popular of the Chinese medicine. The patients receive very thin needles implanted on specific points located on the surface of the body. These points form a network of channels called meridians. They are referenced in an official “map” of meridians.

Qi (life enegy) circulates around the body through these meridians. It protects the human body, feeds the organs, and regulates their functions. A meridian is like a river. When the body has muscular knots they block the flow of qi like branches in the river. Because all meridians are interconnected one blockage affects the complete qi circulation. It becomes out of balance. In a Chinese medicine consultation, the practitioner will use acupuncture to correct the imbalances in the flow of qi and restore its fluid circulation.

When the balance of people is restored, health improves.

treatment by acupuncture and moxa

Let it flow

In some cases, the power of the needlesis reinforced by a coupled technique.


Magic hands

The quality of tuina is enhanced by a high level of qi gong training.

Tuina is a therapeutic massage specific to Chinese medicine treatments. It uses strong revival techniques to restore the injured part of the body. 

The practitioner uses these techniques as well as the stimulation of acupressure points. He thus releases the trapped energy in the body and brings it back where it is missing. Tuina stimulates the body’s defensive qi (life energy) and gets the energy moving in the meridians as well as in the muscles.

This massage stimulates the circulation of the qi in the members and balances its distribution. It also brings muscular vigor, and helps to liberate tendons and joints. In a consultation, when the Chinese medicine doctor uses tuina, he will often combine it with acupuncture.

Herbal remedies

There are 5’767 medicinal substances currently in use. The Chinese doctor often prescribes herbal remedies to reinforce acupuncture. Sometimes he prescribe herbs as single treatment. These remedies are combinations made of plants, herbs and occasionally mineral or animal substances. This preparation is usually made by a traditional Chinese pharmacist on the basis of the prescription.

There are thousands of traditional herbal formulas. But the TCM practitioner will almost always modify a formula to suit the condition and constitution of his patient. Therefore each formulation is highly individualized.

The patient receives herbal remedies in a dried form to be brewed slowly into a tea, or they may be powdered and taken orally. 

herbal remedies at essence of health

Natural remedies

Herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years all over the world for their healing power.

Health advice

treatment by chinese medicine dietary therapy

Eat to heal

Dietary therapy, in the tradition, is the first of the Chinese medicine treatments. A balanced diet contributes to preserve health.

Health is about balance and living in harmony with nature and its rules. According to the Chinese tradition, staying healthy requires the respect of the ‘seven pillars to preserve health’. This supposes to know how to:

  • eat
  • move
  • breathe
  • rest
  • make love
  • control the mind
  • respect the cycles of nature

On this basis, the Chinese doctor may include health advice and life coaching in the follow-up of his patient. This will help the patient to have a better overview of its health and make the necessary changes in its life hygiene.