Frequently Asked Questions

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All you need to know


Do I need to make an appointment before coming?

We receive by prior appointment. If you come to our clinic without appointment you take the risk that we are busy. Then you may have to wait or come back.

How much does a consultation cost?

One session is around 60 $. It is possible to pay only for one diagnosis 30$. The price of pharmacopea is not included. 

Please check our prices here.

Do you accept payment by visa card?
You can pay in cash or with the ABA bank mobile application only.
Can I consult only for diagnosis?
We now offer a possibility to consult only for a Chinese medicine diagnosis. This will last maximum 30′.
Shall I bring my medical file?
Sure.  If you had some blood tests, X -Rays or MRI – depending your condition – the best is to come direct with them for your first consultation.
I feel bad after a session. What shall I do?
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you worry or feel bad after your session. If necessary we can make an appointment for a teleconsultation. It is always better to get reassured!


Is it normal to have reactions after a treatment?

It is commun to have overreaction or extreme tiredness after a treatment. It normally vanishes and comes back to normal after one day. Anyway if you have any question or worry, the best is to contact us.

Is acupuncture painful?

The needles used in acupuncture are so thin that some patients barely feel them enter the skin. The pain some patients may feel is not related to the needle but is related to the state and the localisation of the acupuncture point. Anyway the pain usually vanishes once the needle is in place.



Do you use moxa?

Yes we sometimes use moxa to amplify the action of the needle.  Moxibustion (use of moxa) is a tool of Chinese medicine which consists of burning dried mugwort. We mainly use the cigar-shaped stick applied with a needle.


May I consult without being sick?

Of course! This is the first purpose of Chinese medicine: keep you healthy. Chinese medicine can detect imbalances before they become what occidental medicine calls disease. So there is always some rebalancing to do in the healthy person. By regularly consult your Chinese doctor, you will increase your immunity and avoid to get sick.


What difference between TCM and acupuncture?
Traditional chinese medicine is a complete healing system including its own specific diagnosis and its treatments methods. Acupuncture is one of these methods among others: herbal remedies, tui na (therapeutic) massage, dietary therapy, qi gong…
How many sessions do I need to recover?

Each case is unique. To understand better how it works there are some general rules:

  1. The longer you have the disorder, the longer it takes to cure. So an acute trouble can be solved in one to 3 sessions when a chronic disease may require treatments once or twice a week for several months to get desired results.
  2. Each people is unique and responds to treatment its own way. The results will depend as well on the patient’s commitment to make the necessary adjustments in its life habits in parallel with treatment.