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General information


Essence of health receives by prior appointment. Each first consultation starts by a diagnosis.

After the diagnosis you will be offered a treatment using one or more of the techniques of Chinese medicine (acupuncture, pharmacopoeia, tuina…). This treatment will be followed over one or more sessions.

The diagnosis will have to be renewed after more than 10 days without treatment.

You will be treated by either Brigitte or Dominique, and often alternately by one and the other, or by both in collaboration. There is no question of choosing a therapist.



All our prices are indicated in our catalog.

For chronic disorders requiring a certain number of treatment sessions, you can choose one of our packages to benefit from preferential rates.

We don’t accept credit cards. Payment shall be made at each session in cash or using the ABA Bank mobile application. Flat-rates have to be paid in full at the first session included inside this flat-rate.

Warning : Please note: packages have a limited period of use, adapted to each type of package. If you do not use your sessions or treatments during this period, they will be lost.