True health

Restore & preserve health

As a traditional Chinese medicine clinic, Essence of health deals with treating people with both diseases:

    1. Chroniques
    2. Acute
    3. Psycho emotionnel

Support for the preservation of health

Since its inception, Essence of Heath has chosen to encourage its patients to take care of their health and develop their self-healing potential. For as Hippocrates said, ” The force that is in each of us is our greatest physician.”

The Health Spirit

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its health preservation techniques, Yáng shēng, invite us to live in harmony with Nature. Every human being is subject to the rhythms and rules of the universe. This is the secret to full health!

Thus, the health mind consists in anticipating the disease. Our consultants choose to do sports, they stay away from sugars and promote a food bowl based on vegetables and fruits.

More and more of our patients are adhering to this approach and seeking this balance in their lives. We are happy and proud to see them commit themselves daily to their health. We have a chorus to spread around us, peace of mind, in addition to physical well-being.

This has led us to offer treatment packages (lump sums) that also include dietary advice, or qi gong to encourage our patients to follow this path of Yang sheng.