Online consultations

Teleconsultation in 2021

Consult us online!

Teleconsultation has become more than essential in this period of semi-confinement. It is a valuable alternative for those who cannot move.

Online consultations give you access to the following services:

  • Diagnosis (interview, observation and language examination)
  • Prescriptions (Chinese pharmacopoeia)
  • Health advise (diet, lifestyle)
  • Psychological support

Health measures, which go against the eradication of viruses by destroying our immunity, generate fear, anxiety, anger or frustration. The result is profound imbalances in the functioning of the human body’s systems.

We therefore observe sleep disorders, random headaches, various back pains, emotional instability, and even depressive states. Teleconsultations are there to prevent the afforded mentioned energy disorders from becoming serious pathologies. They also allow everyone to have a space for expression and advice.

Patients who have used teleconsultation are testifying that by the end of this consultation, they are already feeling better. The mere fact of being listened to and reassured is already a step towards healing.

Teleconsultations are available via “Discord” application & by prior appointment. See details below.

Stay connected with Essence of health

How to do it?

  • Connect to Discord and access Essence of health’s Discord server with this link: (in “Join a server”)
  • Validate the server rules
  • Book your appointment

5 advantages to connect with Discord

  1. Have health advise in my smartphone
  2. Receive quick answers from EH or from other patients
  3. Find articles related to my health and/or wellness issues
  4. Chat with other experimented people
  5. Consult EH online


The best way to fight a virus is to strengthen our immune system, which becomes a real shield.

Self-medication: virtues and traps

Self-medication with natural solutions is a growing phenomenon. This approach, although positive, must be done with discernment.