Online consultations

Online consultations

Online consultations

Teleconsultation in 2021

Consult us online!

Teleconsultation has become more than essential in this period of semi-confinement. It is a valuable alternative for those who cannot move.

Online consultations give you access to the following services:

  • Diagnosis (interview, observation and language examination)
  • Prescriptions (Chinese pharmacopoeia)
  • Health advise (diet, lifestyle)
  • Psychological support

Health measures, which go against the eradication of viruses by destroying our immunity, generate fear, anxiety, anger or frustration. The result is profound imbalances in the functioning of the human body’s systems.

We therefore observe sleep disorders, random headaches, various back pains, emotional instability, and even depressive states. Teleconsultations are there to prevent the afforded mentioned energy disorders from becoming serious pathologies. They also allow everyone to have a space for expression and advice.

Patients who have used teleconsultation are testifying that by the end of this consultation, they are already feeling better. The mere fact of being listened to and reassured is already a step towards healing.

Teleconsultations are available via “Discord” application & by prior appointment. See details below.

Stay connected with Essence of health

How to do it?

  • Connect to Discord and access Essence of health’s Discord server with this link: (in “Join a server”)
  • Validate the server rules
  • Book your appointment

5 advantages to connect with Discord

  1. Have health advise in my smartphone
  2. Receive quick answers from EH or from other patients
  3. Find articles related to my health and/or wellness issues
  4. Chat with other experimented people
  5. Consult EH online



Health at the time of pandemic

Our immune system is our best shield against virus

In these times when our eyes and ears are overwhelmed by the incessant news on the “Coronavirus” or COVID-19 virus which is spreading in a pandemic way, it is essential to put things into perspective.

France alone has more than 10,000 deaths from the flu each year, Cambodia more than 4,000 deaths from diabetes. Globally, millions of people die each year from various illnesses and accidents.

In the name of a precautionary principle, states are trying to put in place measures to prevent risks, even though they lack real knowledge about the virus and its spread. The media take up the subject, there are shortages of masks, closings of schools and factories … in short, psychosis sets in.

By doing so, we spread fear, which is a real health scourge. Indeed, for Chinese medicine, fear is associated with the energy of the kidneys, and therefore an excess of fear damages the kidneys, source of our vital energy. For many, who are already living in financial or professional insecurity, this renewed fear will continue to weaken their organism, and therefore their immunity.

The best solution to avoid being affected by a virus is to maintain good immunity!

To better understand, let’s look at how Chinese medicine treats the flu case.


Chinese medicine (TCM) and flu symptoms

In TCM we speak of attack of the organism by a perverse energy such as wind, heat or cold, humidity or dryness. When the body defends itself against the external aggressor, symptoms appear. In the case of the flu, we are facing an attack of wind and cold.

The wind in Chinese medicine is the vector of pathogenic elements. The symptoms tell us that the body is actually struggling and therefore that the protective layer of the body is mobilized to defend the deeper layers as well as the organs.

In the event that the immune system is deficient, this protective step will not be sufficiently effective, and the pathogenic elements may thus go to touch deeper layers of the body.

Complications will appear and the evil will go directly to the weakest place in the body (lungs, heart, kidneys …)

The Chinese say, “internal weakness attracts external evil.” Conversely, this means that a healthy organism will have good immunity.

To come back to fear, it will in the long run harm the kidneys, which are a real battery of the organism. and a component of the immune system. If the kidney battery is recharged, an external pervert should not be allowed to enter. Preserving his kidneys is strengthening our immune defenses, our ability to adapt and the immense self-healing power of our body.

For this reason, young children are less affected by this type of epidemic because their kidney battery is “fully inflated”.

Chinese medicine has also always advocated maintaining good health, through the teaching of Yǎngshēng, health preservation techniques (literally “Nourish life”). By doing so, we simply avoid illnesses. So, if the fear of the coronavirus wins you, take care of your health, play sports, eat healthy, rest and if necessary take plants that strengthen immunity.

And do not hesitate to consult your favorite Chinese doctor or acupuncturist so that he can help you rebalance your energies and regain optimum immunity!

Three drinks to tone the kidneys

Here are three remedies that you can take over a fortnight to tone your kidneys.

Warning: do not take them if you are already sick. Indeed, in Chinese medicine, you do not tone your body if the symptoms of fighting an external pervert are present (fever, body aches …).

Decoction of star anise

Boil a handful of star anise in 0.5 l of water for 30 minutes. Drink a glass of this decoction every day for 10-15 days

2. A tonic such as cordycep

Available in Chinese pharmacies. Other type of tonic can replace cordyceps. Eg ginseng in combination with other plants.

3. Our preparation Qīngchūn bǎo

Our health recipe to download here. The ingredients are sold in Chinese pharmacies or on line (available from 15.3.2020)

Self-medication: virtues and traps

Self-medication: virtues and traps

Self-medication: virtues and traps

Self-medication: virtues & traps

Self-treatment must be done with discretion

An increasing number of people are interested in natural health, and are seeking solutions to self-treat and improve their well-being. This approach, certainly positive, must be done with discernment, and without excluding the use of professional therapists. Chinese medicine proposes basic rules to orient oneself in this path of health research.

The 21st century marks a change of mentality in the field of health. The new being no longer thinks of “illness” but health. This phenomenon affects a growing number of individuals who are moving away from Western medicine and chemical remedies to seek natural solutions while re-appropriating their health.

Self-medication has become a widespread phenomenon on the planet. Everyone becomes a doctor for a day when it comes to treating a slight cough, a cold or a common headache … And this is made all the easier as the internet is full of articles , videos, offering health tips or extolling the miraculous virtues of this or that plant.

Moreover, the more their living environment improves, the more human beings are sensitive to their well-being. More and more people understand that our appearance is a reflection of our inner health, that of our organs.

A profusion of products on the market

This growing interest in wellness and self-medication is generating increased demand for dietary supplements, essential oils and other natural treatments. The market is full of products that promise its users:

  • better athletic ability,
  • a thinned physique,
  • a better sexual capacity,
  • a perfectly balanced diet etc.

This phenomenon is virtuous as it reflects a renewed interest of individuals for their health. And that they understand that it passes through Nature, its products, its rules. Moreover, self-medication is a sign that the individual ceases to put his health back into the powerful hands of the doctor, and endeavors to do his own research, his experiments, thus positioning himself to be responsible for his health. These two points are essential in a process of maintenance of the health, even of cure.

Be careful though. Self-medication also has its limits, even its pitfalls.

The limits of self-medication

Self-medication – that is, taking medications outside the medical prescription – can be useful when it comes to treating a mild pathology for a short time. It is recommended to consult for heavier or lasting pathologies.

Indeed self-care wisely without the help of a therapist requires a high level of listening to his body, good management of his emotions, and so in summary good health! In other words, few can do it.

The solutions found on the net can be interesting, but are rarely the miracle solutions announced. Each individual having a different terrain, there is no universal solution! Moreover we can very quickly get trapped, will be it only with the diet. For example, we may be attracted to certain foods by thinking that they are good for us while it is the opposite. Again, only an already healthy person has the ability to instinctively perceive what really succeeds.

However, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), like other traditional medicines, offers insights and self-treatment tools that are part of a holistic vision of health. Because for TCM, many factors related to our lifestyle affect our health in one way or another. The key is a healthy lifestyle. This depends on 3 main axes:

  • Diet
  • Movement
  • Detoxication


Diet is the first branch of TCM. Indeed, health must pass by our plate. It is also the secret of longevity.

First of all it is imperative to eat very little. Indeed it is not quantity that gives energy but quality. If we eat foods that are low in qi (vital energy) or lack energy, even a large amount of this food will not meet our needs. It is necessary to look for high quality foods in vital energy.

Good fruits and vegetables grown without pesticides will be the basis of a healthy diet. They contain a lot of fibers that facilitate the transit, slow the absorption of fats and sugars, regulate the sensation of hunger. They do not disrupt hormonal systems.

It is necessary to flee the sugar like the plague! He is a violent poison for the body. The body uses very little sugar. Also, any additional intake will be stored in the liver inducing various pathologies. Note in passing that overweight, or the appearance of pimples on the face, are not due to sugar, or alcohol alone but also to other factors.

Focus on fish rather than meat. Cooking will be more like grilling, boiling or steaming rather than frying. Numerous scientific studies have shown that deep fried cooking is bad for the body.

We must drink of course, but in reasonable quantity. We will avoid coffee and especially coffee latte (sweet or not). Life is in the water; a low mineralized water source as far as possible.


For traditional or first peoples, movement is life. It is a basic concept of traditional Chinese medicine.

It is therefore important to have a daily minimum physical activity: walking or gymnastics. Twice a week, one will take care to have an intense sport activity based on the training of the heart. Physical activity helps eliminate toxins and promotes pleasure through the production of dopamine. It has a positive effect on our body and our emotional state.


It is recommended to practice in parallel less intense but equally beneficial activities such as tai chi, qi gong or yoga, which consist in circulating vital energy. When these activities are practiced at a high level (one hour a day), this leads to a detoxification of the body and mind. Indeed, we spend a lot of our time brooding over negative thoughts, breathing polluted qi and meeting many sick people physically or mentally. As a result, our emotions overwhelm us and cause imbalances in our body and mind.

Energy management exercises such as qigong help to free oneself of these parasitic energies, to clarify our mind, and to better control our emotions. As a result, they initiate a process of self-healing.

These general rules make it possible to create a favorable ground for health. Again, if there is a pathology heavy or installed, whether physical, mental or emotional, it will be necessary to consult for treatment and more specific advice.

What is “Discovery of TCM”?

“Discovery of TCM” is a space reserved by EH (Essence of Health) to allow anyone wishing to progress in the maintenance of their health to address the concepts behind Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

For 90 minutes, Brigitte or Dominique take time to introduce participants to a topic such as a pharmacopoeia, a medical technique or a self-treatment advice. All this to allow them to know more about this ancient medicine but also on how to approach the maintenance of health. They will give you the basics to answer the following questions:

  • How to get out of my illness?
  • What is behind my illness?
  • When should I consult?
  • etc.

This event takes place the first Monday of every month from 2:30 to 4:00 pm. Booking required.